adam-himself asked : Retro Duo? No no no. Get yourself a SNES. And a Genesis/Mega Drive while you're at it.





If you notice the picture, I have a Genesis 3. I’d love to have all the old consoles, but everything collected there has come out of my own wallet, and I ain’t made of money. I’m a poor ass bitch.

Oh man I had the Genesis 3 and it had a problem that I learned is common in Gen3’s: The power cord plug didn’t make contact with the console after a while, and had be pushed in really hard and eventually lost ALL contact.

I exchanged it for a Genesis 2 and it was a pretty great decision. Works like a reliable old muscle car and has even better sound (this I also learned is because Sega outsourced the Gen3’s production and used cheaper parts).

I got all new power and AV cables for it, the remade versions are much better.

Admittedly I want to get an earlier model to link up to a SEGA CD.

And if I could find a 32X that isn’t entirely broken.

I could go on forever…so many classics…so little time.

YEEEES! The tower of power must rise! (Genesis + Sega CD + 32X + Game Genie + Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic 3)

You will be UNSTOPPABLE!

My ears are twitching. Please continue.

Ay lady when will be your next convention? It’d be pretty rad to hit you up.. in the future.. eventually. <3

Anonymous asked : are you misandrist ? because i saw your post that reads too bad shes a lesbian i hope you that you lost your fans


Really? So pointing out the fact that some men don’t take lesbianism seriously and think it’s a shame that a pretty girl is a “waste” because she doesn’t want to date men makes ME a misandrist? It doesn’t make the guy who said this about me misogynistic? At all?

This might disappoint you. I actually got a lot of followers for that post. So, shove it.





The Music Industry Asked Him To Change 1 Word In His Songs. His Response Is Pitch Perfect.



Excuse me while I buy this album.





I named my Gurdurr Blaine


Yes, suppi I do want to fight about it.

Come at me


I love how fucking terrified nyurt looks

How could I not be? He came out like a beefy banana peeling itself.

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